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January 28, 2016


Adding Cellulose to attic insulation


Older homes with existing old attic insulation.


The most common we find is batt insulation, (Fiber glass) usually 3.5 to 6” thick (R12 to R20) and next, it is loose fill or blown in fiber glass and lastly, it is vermiculite. Vermiculite must be tested for asbestos, though not all vermiculite has asbestos, it is very common.


All insulation, except asbestos, can be covered with cellulose, our product of choice. We bring the total insulation value including the old with the cellulose to 15” (R50). Safe and healthy Cellulose insulation is treated with natural products, is certified low in VOCs and, has a superior resistance to fire, corrosion and vermin. 

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