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January 28, 2016


Attic Insulation Removal and Re-Insulating

Many homeowners inquire about removing the old insulation from their attic; in most cases, it is not necessary.


The main reason why we remove the old insulation is if it has been damaged by fire, water or infested with rodents. But more commonly, it is when no vapor barrier between the sheetrock and the insulation has been installed. In this case the old is removed, a 1.5”-2” layer of urethane is applied as your vapor barrier. Next baffles are installed along the edge of the attic. Baffles ensure that no insulation falls into the soffits and blocks the air flow of the attic space. Finally 12” (R40) of Igloo cellulose is blown in to achieve a final R50 factor.


In the rare instances where insulation removal is required, we hand-remove the fiberglass rolls and pack them in bags that are carefully removed from your attic. If the attic has blown material, we use a large vacuum to remove all the material. The vacuum is outside the house, this ensures a clean job where little or no debris enters the home.


Adding Cellulose to attic insulation


Older homes with existing old attic insulation.


The most common we find is batt insulation, (Fiber glass) usually 3.5 to 6” thick (R12 to R20) and next, it is loose fill or blown in fiber glass and lastly, it is vermiculite. Vermiculite must be tested for asbestos, though not all vermiculite has asbestos, it is very common.


All insulation, except asbestos, can be covered with cellulose, our product of choice. We bring the total insulation value including the old with the cellulose to 15” (R50). Safe and healthy Cellulose insulation is treated with natural products, is certified low in VOCs and, has a superior resistance to fire, corrosion and vermin. 

Site ATTIC insulation removal cost

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Discover total comfort 365 days a year with a potential annual savings of up to 25% on heating and air conditioning costs. A properly insulated home is one of the most profitable investments. 

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We invite you to view our products and services through this webpage and contact us if you have any questions or need of additional information.

Attic Insulation Removal Cost in Vaudreuil-QC

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Site ATTIC insulation removal cost in Montreal West-Island Westmount, Pierrefonds, Pointe-Claire, Beaconfield, Kirckland, Rive-Sud, Dorval, Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Ile Perrot, Pincourt, Les Côteaux, Ile Bizzard, Pointe des Cascades, Saint-Lazare, Valleyfield-QC, St-Zotique, Les Cèdres, Saint-CLET, Hudson, RIGAUD, MTL, DDO, NDG, CDN, NDIP

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